RECIPE: Eggy Sauce

So, a staple for me growing up is something called Eggy Sauce.  Now work with me a minute as it only got that name about 7ish years ago.  I always just said scrambled eggs with sausage and sometimes cheese.  Nope, not good enough for the Munchkin.  Perhaps because he couldn't say it?  Who knows now but at the ripe old age of 2ish he named that particular treat Eggy Sauce and the rest is history.  Seriously, everyone even remotely connected to me that I know about calls it that!

Since today is all about the Eggy Sauce it only seems right that we have a guest contributor.  If you know me in real life then you've known him his whole life.  I first introduced him on the blog back in 2012 when he was an obnoxious 4 year old. (See original post here) Now he's closing in on 9 and probably slightly more obnoxious, if that's possible?  Seriously though, I love this kiddo.  He's still too smart for his own good, we now call him Sheldon Jr (from Big Bang).  His attitude is still his greatest detriment.  And gravy help me, I still love him.

Thomas first made his first Eggy Sauce when he was 2, standing on a chair at the stove with me stirring and insisting I hadn't put enough cheese in it.  Below, all these years later, he's doing in on his own.  Me supervising him as opposed to him supervising me.

American cheese slices
salt, if needed
butter, if needed


Cook enough sausage for how many you are feeding, approximately 2 ounces per serving. Just like with the gravy cook it thoroughly, no pink!   Once the sausage is thoroughly cooked there should be a small bit of fat in the pan.  Not enough to float the sausage but also your sausage should not be dry.  We used a pork and bacon sausage which gives just the right amount of fat. If you have too much drain a bit off.  If you have too little add some butter.  Sausage cooked?

Add eggs. (He begged for me to take a picture of him cracking the eggs.)  Again, add eggs based on how many you are serving.  I generally allow two eggs per serving.  Now stir.  Mix it all together and keep mixing while the eggs start to set.  For some reason eggy sauce tastes best when there's not big chunks of egg and sausage but that it's tightly mixed.  When the mixture is about halfway cooked add the cheese.  I allow one slice per serving.  Keep stirring.  Once the eggs are completely cooked and the cheese melted in completely you are ready to eat!  I will frequently serve with biscuits.  Biscuits with butter and/or jelly, eggy sauce biscuit sandwiches, the options are limitless!

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