I thought I'd take some time and blog space to introduce ya'll to the most amazing people in my life.  Munch, Moo, and Goobie.  I talk a lot about them online and in my every day life.  They are huge sources of love, joy, frustration, learning, and confusion in my day to day life.  And I speak of them as if they were my own.  They are my beloved Godchildren that are currently back in residence with me.  Well, except for Goobie, but he will be soon!  

Munchkin Thomas is the reason I am Meme.  He named me when he was just beginning to talk. 

Munchkin's first picture!
 Born at 33 weeks he weighed in at a mighty 3 pounds.  Perfectly healthy, they kept him in the NICU as long as they possibly could just to get weight on him.  He came home a whopping 4 pounds with a special car seat.  (Standard car seats are not rated for under 5 pounds.)

Thomas tore my world upside down and set it right at the same time.  As he grew from that tiny ball of attitude he lagged some in developmental milestones basically from size, not for lack of ability.  He was not ordered any type of PT or OT as he aged so I developed my own.  He was my foray into homemade baby food and infant/toddler nutrition.  His first meat, salmon.  

Mmmm Toes!  10 months old on the way to Uncle Dustin's wedding in California.

Once he started talking he never stopped!  And he still doesn't stop, not even leaving time to answer questions before he is on to the next one!  He's too smart from his own good on so many levels but still has some gestational catching up to do on others. 

From day one Munch has had a stubborn streak to rival even the Davis' (that'd be my dad's family.)  He will get his mind set on something and nothing will stand in his way.  Not a nap, time-out, nothing!  When he first started crawling he was very into everything, I know typical.  He might have his mind set on something that he wasn't allowed to have for a variety of reasons.  He was NOT to be deterred from his goal.  Time out, he was back at it.  Remove him from the room, as soon as he was back, you guessed back at it.  One day in particular I remember he was just rotten stubborn.  He went down for a nap but when he got back up, you guessed it...back at it!  He actually had his first bloodshed throwing himself down in a tantrum over not getting to get what he wanted.

The Ocean!  Orange County, CA
By the time he was 2 years old he'd traveled extensively, having visited or driven through 13 states, including our home state of Missouri.  His uncle got married in California when Munch was 10 months old which was an outrageous road trip accomplished in 4 days with his Mom and I switching off drivers so as to cut expenses.  That trip taught me what an amazing tripper he is!  Just like his Meme :D  The next summer he accompanied me on a road trip to North Dakota to visit friends.

  When Munch was two and a half it was just him and I for a few months.  His new sister was here by then and she went with his mom to Arizona to get settled in their new home where his step-dad was based for the Army.  He went to be with them over Thanksgiving that year. During that time he was the inspriation behind that year's Nano Novel (What is Nano?)  "Time Out Thomas the Terrible!"

Munch and Meme on the bridge between North Dakota and Minnesota.
Munch is back with Meme now.  With Moo and Goobie.  Well and his mom too I guess.  There are days he makes me want to beat my head against a wall.  There are days I just want to shower him with mooches (kisses) and squeezes (hugs).  There are days I want to do both within a five minute period.  

Munch is almost four and a half now.  He's still tiny for his age, though tall.  His verbal skills are off the charts, and not always in a good way.  We've mastered the art of backtalk, mockery, and sarcasm.  He's still my snuggle bug.  And he will start kindergarten next year.  Which scares me.  Not just for him but for his poor teacher.  And reminds me just how old I'm getting and just how quickly time flies by.

Big Pete and Little Pete
Munchkin September 2012
 This kid, God help me, I love him.  Love him senseless sometimes.  I am honored to hold a place in his life and his world.  He is Meme's boy, and I hope always will be.  I cannot wait to see what his future holds.  Though is future scares me endlessly.  We say it often, but for him I truly believe, his biggest obstacle will be himself.  His attitude, without focus, will be his downfall.  His attitude, with focus, will be has amazement! 

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