BOOK REVIEW: Easter is Cancelled by Sally Huss

Easter comes but once a year. But this year the Easter Bunny was not participating, not taking charge, not helping out. The other animals had their duties and were working well. Not the Easter Bunny! Why? His excuse was that no one ever thanks him for all the work he does to create a special day for kids all over the world. So, he cancelled Easter. Oh my, oh my.

A wise and thoughtful owl is consulted. His solution warms the heart of the bunny. What the Easter Bunny is told is important for all kids to know. You’ll have to read the book to find out what that is. 

What happens when all the other animals are doing their part to get ready for Easter but the Easter Bunny has had enough.  He feels unappreciated, unloved, and that all he does means nothing.  With a little help the Easter Bunny realizes that what he does really does matter and that children everywhere do love him and appreciate what he does.  All told this is a cute book that has a good story and a good moral.  I felt like some of it was a bit 'preachy' and a bit too focused on the eggs and candy aspect and less on other important parts of Easter.  This is not billed as a Christian book so I am not talking about faith aspect of Easter.  Easter is more than candy and eggs.  And this book leaves that out.  In my adult opinion, some of the wording in this book is too mature for a younger reader/listener.  The rhyming was a bit off so it was awkward to read aloud as well.  Don't just take my word for it, as I read it with Goobie (4) and  MooMoo (6) and asked their opinions of the book as well.  I skipped Squirt (2) for this review as she wasn't really into much but trying to swipe the screen and Munchkin (8) rolled his eyes at me as he's been reading middle grade books for a while now (read too smart for his own good!). 

Goobie really liked the story.  He loved the pictures and asked to read the book multiple times.  Some of the words he kept asking for them to be explained and other went so far over his head that he didn't even know how to ask.  With multiple readings and some explaining he seemed to 'get it' better but his favorite was still the pictures.

MooMoo said she really liked the book.  Her favorite part as when the Easter Bunny chose to go back to work for Easter.  She really wanted to read it on her own however many of the words were too advanced for her reading level.  Again, as with Goobie but not as involved, there was some need to explain what the words or intent of the words were.  All in all though she liked it and has continued to try to read it independently.

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Easter is Cancelled!
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