The End of an Era

It's official.  A week or so late but official.  This is the last post to be written AND published at this site.  The site will remain.  The words will remain.  They will actually be part of some weird cool dual life thing.  All posts are here...and there.  Of course if you are reading this there then WELCOME!  Today's the day that the new site officially launches.

I can't wait for you to check it out!  Please join me as I continue bringing you random bits of Fizziness, more reviews than seem humanly possible and eventually the relaunch of my shop (the entire reason this all began).

It felt like there was a million years when I took the first step of this journey (beyond months of talking about it) back on July 1st.  There was all the time in the world.  Heck I even took Jammication and still had all the time in the world.  Then all the sudden there was a week left, a day left, and then just over a week later it's finally coming to fruition.  Life was happening in all those intervening days.  My life, my partner in crime Kristin's life, your life.  All life.  It's still a work in progress.  There's almost 200 'old' posts from the intervening years to update and correct to the new format.  Pardon Our Mess as the saying goes.  However, I can't wait to share the next step on this journey with you, my readers and friends.


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