Goodreads Monday

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 Since it's Minions Week on the blog again it seems only relevant to pull a book that I've had sitting on my Kindle list for a while aimed at the Kidlets.  A free public domain book, this is a collection of original fairy tales.  No frills, no illustrations, I'm curious if they are the sugar coated version I grew up with or the real deal they were original written and meant to be?  I guess when I get around to actually reading about it I will know the answer!

The fairy tale is a poetic recording of the facts of life, an interpretation by the imagination of its hard conditions, an effort to reconcile the spirit which loves freedom and goodness and beauty with its harsh, bare and disappointing conditions. It is, in its earliest form, a spontaneous and instinctive endeavor to shape the facts of the world to meet the needs of the imagination, the cravings of the heart.

Classics included in this volume include:

One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes,
The Magic Mirror,
The Enchanted Stag,
Hansel and Grethel,
The Story of Aladdin,
This Story of Ali Baba,
The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor,
The White Cat,
The Golden Goose,
The Twelve Brothers,
The Fair One With the Golden Locks,
Tom Thumb,
Blue Beard,
Puss In Boots,
The Sleeping Beauty In the Wood,
Jack and The Bean-Stalk

Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know
Share it up, got a classic for the Wee Ones that you've always meant to read?

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