BOOK REVIEW: Bible Story Coloring & Activity Book by B&H Publishing Group

Filled with more than 200 coloring pages and more than 150 activity pages for young children, this Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book from The Big Picture Interactive provides hours of fun. Here are some of the great activities your kids will love:
Word searches
Connect the dots
Hidden messages
Fill in the blank
Secret code
Find it
and more!

When I was recently looking through the available books at B&H/LifeWay this one jumped up and screamed MooMoo, and perhaps Goobie but definitely Moo.  I knew that Munchkin would think himself too mature for such nonsense but I've not had him around to try him out on it.  Goobie either, though he is finally home!  Moo however was enamored and excited and couldn't wait to get busy.  She gave it 5 stars right out of the gate!  And a gleeful giggle with 'thanks Meme'.

From my perspective however there were a few things I loved, a few I liked and a few I wish were a bit better.  I loved that it was organized the same as the Bible making it ever so easy to match the pages and activities to help flesh out a Bible story, even going so far as to give the related passages on the bottom of the activity pages.  I loved that there were a variety of different activities.  Not all kids are good at all the different activities offered so it was easy to play to individual strengths to help deepen Biblical understanding.  I liked that with the different activities and coloring pages things were geared also for different age groups.  Perfect example.  I really thing that Goobie will like this book and a lot of the understanding is geared to his age (4) however a lot of the activities aren't truly age appropriate for him yet and some of the coloring pages give me a quake as they are quite detailed.  Just as with Munchkin (9) he thinks he's so much more worldly and does read and comprehend at a level beyond his years.  Parts of this book will be below an appropriate age level for him whereas others will be right on the nose.  Where this would be neat is to use the book over a period of time and only do certain activities so that the stories can be revisited as the activities become more age appropriate.  What I felt needed more was parental interaction.  There's a wee bit in the front of the book but them blam, go kids go.  I think a more comprehensive parents' guide would be beneficial for parents working with their children as well as parents new to faith as a whole.  The desire to raise your children with faith doesn't mean that all parents come from a background of faith.  A more interactive parents' guide would be beneficial for all.

If the other two Minions of Mayhem decide they love the book as well I'm not above getting them their own.  With hours and days and weeks of activities available it's not dramatically priced.  Engaged kids learning Biblical principles to me is a win-win!

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by B&H/LifeWay.  I was not compensated for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.

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Bible Story Coloring and Activity Book

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