A New Direction

Today marks the start down a new path.  The end of an era and the beginning of a new one.  It's like Y2K or the difference between AD and BC on our dates.  Today is symbolic for a couple of reasons.  This years is exactly (month wise not necessarily day wise) halfway over.  It's an easy date to remember.  It's also the birthday of a pretty special friend who is no longer with us.  All of that plays into the changes I'm instigating, today.

Today, I bought my domain name.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, fizzypopcollection.com is in the process of becoming a legitimate thing.  No .blogspot no .facebook no dot anything.  You could type it in but it doesn't lead anywhere yet.  That is the next step in the process.  The important thing is that after all these years I own it.  No one else can lay claim to who I am. No one else can try to share ownership of what I say.  And it's also a merging of the blog and the store.  Yup, my candles will also be back up and running during this time period of change and once the dot com goes live I will be in one space.  Oh, the Book of Faces, the Tweeter, the Insta-thing, the Pin Boards will all still be but they will lead to one place.  The place that is all of me!

I chose today to make this happen for a couple of reasons mentioned above.  I've been with Blogger since May of 2012, over 5 years.  I started my store in November of 2011, almost 6 years ago.  It's time to move forward.  But through it all, I had a lot of support.  A LOT of support from friends, family, strangers.  One of my biggest supporters was a launching mark for the direction I'm choosing to take today.  Unfortunately, while she started this journey to here she isn't here to see it happen.  She never told me I was crazy (though I know she thought it!).  She had bright ideas, encouraging words and actually named several different candle scents that I continue to carry.  Today is her birthday.  I personally can't think of a better tribute to the friend she was, the framily she was, than to take this next step in her honor and memory.

So, keep watching for more updates.  Once the link is live I'll share it here first so you can migrate all you bookmarks and toolbars and follow clicks to where it will be bigger and better and more meaningful on this journey!  And thank you to every single person who has loved and encouraged and supported me on this journey of candles and books and blogs!

Happy Birthday Karen!

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