PRODUCT REVIEW: GOLD BOND Ultimate Healing Lotion

While I've been familiar with the Gold Bond line of products for a long time I've never actually used them.  Pinch Me provided an opportunity to try not just one Gold Bond item but two!  Before I go any further I have to admit I'm sorta kinda a lotion snob.  I want something that is super moisturizing due to dry skin and excezma.  I want something that smells good though not heavily perfumed.  I want something that absorbs fast but doesn't leave a greasy feeling residue on my skin.  I want a lot.  Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion delivered on a few of these and missed on a few as well.

We'll start with what I liked.  I loved the clean fresh scent of the lotion.  It wasn't heavy nor perfume-y.  It was really fresh and balanced.  I loved the way it left my skin feeling very moisturized and smooth; not the normal rough or papery I typically feel.  I loved that it absorbed fast.  Super fast, like while I was still rubbing it in fast.  On those points the Ultimate Healing lotion was a hit.

However, the product packaging says it's non-greasy.  For me it really wasn't.  Perhaps I'm just over sensitive to the idea of what 'greasy' is when it comes to lotion.  I felt like there was still moisture on my hands after applying.  They were too 'slick' after the lotion had absorbed in and that is not a sensation I like and I really don't want it in my lotion.  I applied a bit as I sat down to write this review.  I find my hands and fingers feeling slick while they move across the computer and keyboard. 

All in all Gold Bond did really well with the Ultimate Healing lotion if you go point for point on what I want in a lotion.  However, I'm not completely sold only because the greasy after feel is a huge miss for me.  Everything else was great though.  For many people it would probably be a non-issue and it really is a great lotion that offers amazing moisturizing.  I'm just extra sensitive to the feeling it leaves behind and it leaves me with mixed feelings as far as future lotion purchasing decisions.

I did receive this item as a free trial from Pinch Me and any opinions shared in this review are my own.

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