PRODUCT REVIEW: Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Face Stick

There’s something to be said for finding the perfect sunscreen.  My entire family uses sunscreen, I use it year round!  Protecting the little ones is a huge priority for me so I was super excited when I was selected by CrowdTap to sample and try the Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Face Stick Sunscreen.  Aveeno is one of the most trusted brands for me with myself and the kiddos!

Of course as it is a stick the kids thought it was deodorant and lifted their arms when I first went to apply it.  Once they got past that it was easier than I thought to apply but still a little tricky on the face.  I was lucky that they kids held really still as I was worried going around the eyes and lips.  Though it was easier to rub in than I anticipated so I probably didn’t have to be as careful as I originally thought.  Monkey loved the white look and begged me not to rub it in all the way!  It did well protecting from the sun and we were careful to reapply regularly.  I liked this sunscreen.  It’s a great alternative to lotion sunscreen and I am not comfortable with using a spray sunscreen on the kids, or really even myself.

I would not hesitate to recommend this sunscreen for anyone that has small children, medium children, even grown children.  I used this sunscreen and loved it.  Great for my sensitive skin without any reaction. It protected the kiddos and they loved the easy application and that it didn't run and possibly get in their eyes. 

I did receive this product free from CrowdTap to sample.  All opinions shared here are my own.

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