RECIPE: Lasagna Roll-Ups

In honor of Minion's Week here on the blog, and that fact that Mother's Day is Sunday I got with MooMoo and she made one of her Mom's favorite dinners, Lasagna Roll ups Meme Style.  It's not a difficult recipe at all but a bit time consuming.  They disappear so fast though that it's completely worth it.

What can I say about my MooMoo?  She's my first girl child, who as a baby would only sleep laying right on top of me (not necessarily a good thing!). She had a heart monitor when she came home and our beats would sync causing the machine to make a horrid noise.  She's been making noise ever since but she has my heart wrapped around her little finger.  She loves to cook with Meme and has been planning this cooking day for as long as she's known it's a thing.  Moo is this weeks guest blogger!

Ingredients:  (before you start losing it remember that it depends on how many you are feeding how much you need)
cooked chicken cut bite size 1-2 ounces per serving (I cook in some butter and garlic)
fresh spinach, remove stems and rough chop
lasagna noodles (average two per serving)
sour cream
onion and garlic powder
minced onion
chili powder (literally just a smidge)
mozzarella cheese
Alfredo sauce (your favorite mix, jar or recipe)
chicken not pictured

If you haven't cooked your chicken yet, do so, then cut to bite sized pieces.  Put a large pot of water on to boil and get ready to cook the lasagna noodles.
While your noodles are cooking, per package directions, mix up your filling.  Sour cream, garlic powder, onion powder, a wee bit of minced onion, and literally a smidge of chili powder.  There should be just enough to notice a difference but not enough to taste or really even see once it's all mixed.  During this time you can also be stemming and chopping your spinach if that's not yet done.  Moo did a rock star job of stemming the leaves.  When pasta is done drain and pat dry.  Trust me, this is so important so your process actually works.
We are so ready to fill us some pasta and get it oven ready! Take a spoon and with the back (I've found that's the easiest) and smear from one edge of a flat lasagna noodle to about 2/3's of the way up the noodle.  Then sprinkle on the chicken and spinach from that edge to about halfway up.  Starting at the filled edge roll the noodle up and place flat into your baking dish.  You might want to grease it - just a tip.
Please ignore the background mess!
Once all noodles are filled and rolled top with your cheese and Alfredo sauce.  Bake in a 350 degree oven until the cheese is melty and toasty, 25-30 minutes.  I usually cover with foil for the first 18-20 to get a thorough heat and then remove foil for the last bit to get the toasty on the cheese.  Unfortunately, they disappeared too quickly on the table for me to get a final picture.  But they look pretty amazing going into the oven!


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