PRODUCT REVIEW: Children's Claritin

One of the benefits of being a BuzzAgent is being provided products to try and review.  Being selected for Children's Claritin is  a win-win.  We need allergy relief, and they provided some complimentary for a review.

Our box of Claritin came with a box of bubblegum flavored chewables and a bottle of grape flavored liquid.  With the Minions of Mayhem raging from 8 (now 9) to 2 it was the perfect setup.  Well, almost perfect.  Since the time he was a little thing Munchkin has never tolerated any medication unless it was grape flavored.  Bubblegum - his least favorite.  That hasn't changed in all the growing up years.  Which is fine, it's not like we don't have stock of the one he does like.  Moo and Goobie, they are more amiable but they aren't fond of the bubblegum flavor either.  They'll take it but there are faces involved.  Squirt is still a liquid girl and grape all the way!  And with the allergy relief it brings I'm willing to buy whatever they will take!

Now funny story about my allergies.  Somehow I managed to overlook the fact that I was out of my Claritin.  And I was flaring something horrid.  Like getting 'real' sick because of allergies.  And not one single Claritin (for grownups) to be found.  But then there's Children's Claritin, which is 5 mg per chewable.  Adult's is 10 mg.  So, in theory two chewables would make one dose for me right?  I'm desperate people!  I'm sick of sneezing, and blowing, and coughing, and my eyes are watery and itchy and I'm miserable.  And chewable or liquid would get into my system so much faster than a pill anyway, right?  So, two chewables it is!  And I have to say, not so fond of the bubblegum flavor myself but I sucked it up and chewed them down.  And I made it through with the Children's version until I could get to the store to get the grown up variety back in stock.  And, avoided getting sick.  Win-Win right?

Needless to say, Children's Claritin always has a place in our home.  Liquid, chewables and adult strength as well.  However, we learned (free!) that bubblegum flavor will never be something that catches on in our house.  And that's OK as long as grape sticks around.

I was provided a complimentary sample of this product by BzzAgent.  I was not compensated for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.

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