Get to Know Me

I was tagged in this fun post by Kristin at A Simply Enchanted Life and with a little peer pressure decided, why not.  It was a cute idea, even though I really didn't learn anything new about her I thought it would be fun and perhaps interesting for my blog readers to get to know a little bit more about the me behind the screen.


NAME:Janet (Fizzy)

NICKNAMES: Meme, Fizzy, Jan (online), Janabel (at Kristin's house)

BIRTHDAY: August 18th


OCCUPATION: Member Services Representative (for USAA banking)

LIVING IN: Missouri


HAIR COLOR: depending on the season light brown/dark blonde to medium brown

HAIR LENGTH: Currently,mid-back

EYE COLOR:Hazel green/brown

BEST FEATURE: Random personality 

BRACES: Never had 'em

PIERCINGS: Each earlobes (one each - I have freakishly small ears), previously have had upper ear (same spot twice but...well) and navel (previously)


PICTURE: My weekend reality with The Minions of Mayhem.


REAL HOLIDAY: If you mean vacation in the European sense, Alaska in 1992 right before my senior year of high school.  Spent some time in and around Anchorage and then flew out to a small island off of Kodiak to visit family

BEST FRIEND: I went to kindergarten and 1st grade in Springfield, before we moved, and Janie Raye lived on the corner and her grandparents across the street from me.

AWARD:Gaa, that's a hard one when you get as old as I am.  Possibly 5th grade Knowledge Bowl winner, including trophy!

SPORT: Softball.  I played 6th grade and was/and remain horrible at it but it's still fun.  Being a leftie I should have an advantage right?  If I actually had good depth perception and peripheral vision perhaps.  Or even the ability to recognize the strike zone as a batter.  The easiest way to get me out is to throw high, the higher the better because I'll go for that before a ball in the strike zone. Every. Single. Time.

CONCERT: Again, age is a drawback.  Perhaps um maybe Ray Stevens?


TV SHOWS: Law and Order: SVU, Iron Chef and Chopped, House
COLOR:Slate Blue

SONGS:There are so many for different reasons.
RESTAURANT: TGIFridays, China Pearl (local and sadly closed), Chipotle 

SHOPS:Since Fashion Bug closed on me I now frequent Cato, Shoe Carnival, and Amazon

BOOKS:Gone With the Wind (seriously, I own the movie but refuse to watch it because I don't want to hate it...yes I've never seen the movie), Forever Amber, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Summer Sisters

SHOES:Flip Flops, I'd wear them year round but for like snow and cold.  In the winter I love my ankle boots.

BOOK GENRES: Mystery, Christian, Amish, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Picture Books, Award Winners, Cereal boxes, almost anything but directions to put something together or a technical manual




EATING: Leftover Kathy's Pasta chicken alfredo

THINKING ABOUT: If it would stop being so stormy then maybe my head wouldn't hurt?

WATCHING: Netflix screensaver 

WEARING: Mario PJ pants, a gray tank top and a cream holey comfy oversized sweater


HAVE KIDS: Minions of Mayhem already, don't need no more!

WANT TO TRAVEL: Only missing 13 of the states and I'd love to go overseas as well.

Do you believe

In Yourself: Yes, however the level of belief depends on the topic.  

God: Yes! 

Miracles: Yes! 

Love at first sight: Lust yes, attraction yes, Love no.

Ghosts: Maybe.
Aliens: Perhaps.

Soul Mates: I believe that you can have more than one 'soul mate' and that soul mates are so much more than just love.  Many people in my life speak to my soul but it's not just about marriage.

Heaven: Absolutely!

Hell: Yes.

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  1. Let's explain "singlish"

    For anyone not aware? Fizzy has a fictional love in a sim named Marcus. Soulmates. Simmates.

    1. Puulease child...we all know that's YOU! :D

  2. Oh heck no. You're the one that corrupts unsuspecting Amish men...