I have had the privilege the last 14 nights of ending my day with the 'little purple pill'.  Yes I know the directions say to take it in the morning but mornings and medications don't work well for me.  I take all my stuff at night, even supplements.  Work with me here.  Smiley360 provided me the opportunity to sample and review Nexium 24 HR for free.  And guess, what?  Yup there are a few things I have to say about it.

This isn't the first time I've taken Nexium, just that before it was prescription only.  Nexium is now available over the counter.  Nexium, even as a prescription, wasn't the perfect choice for my acid reflux but it worked really well.  That hasn't changed, it still works really well. And works really well is a huge thing for me.  Nothing is perfect but this does a great job of helping to curb the symptoms and discomfort of acid reflux.  It won't cure acid reflux but it will help to curb the symptoms.

To work correctly Nexium needs to be taken every day.  It's not an instant relief.  It takes up to four days to work.  But it does work.  And if you aren't already taking something anyway what is four more days?  The drawback for me is the price.  I understand that companies need to recoup their expenses in developing and manufacturing medications.  And I think they have a right to.  I fully expect to recoup my times and expenses when I make a candle.  However, by purchasing it over the counter there is no insurance co-pay.  Even those can get downright budget breaking as well sometimes.

At the end of the day I like Nexium.  I like the relief it gives.  I like that it's a trusted brand that has been proven over time.  I would recommend it to anyone that needs relief from acid reflux or frequent heartburn.  I did receive this product free from Smiley360, however all opinions expressed are my own. 

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