PRODUCT REVIEW: Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals

I received my bottle of Dramamine Naturals free from Influenster in the Nurture VoxBox.  No one in my family suffers from motion sickness, we are kinda thrill ride seekers!  However, I suffer from frequent nausea due to a health condition.  My first though, of course, was how do I test and review a motion sickness aide?  Then I realized that since this product is ginger based it was perfect to try for my nausea.  So I did. 

I took 1 capsule instead of the recommended two since I tend to be sensitive to medications, and it worked fairly well.  Typically I use animal crackers (trust me it works!) and a prescription medication when it gets too bad.  The Dramamine Naturals worked as well as the animal crackers without the added calories.  It wasn't a super help for the severe nausea and I still went with my back up prescription for those instances.  I never did try the two recommended capsules since the one worked just fine.

All in all I liked the Dramamine Naturals.  They worked well for my chronic nausea, just as well as my animal cracker go to without breaking the waist line.  I would consider purchasing this product in the future.  I did receive this product free from Influenster for review but all opinions in this review are my own.

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