So, It's Been a Minute

It's been a while since I graced this page with anything resembling typed words.  However, I have TONS of really good excuses why.  I promised they are good.  And I swear there are tons.  And they all are excuses. 

As many of you know last fall my computer had a bit of a disaster.  It was purely an accident.  And purely a child doing something they knew better than to do.  And it was a disaster.  My laptop screen was cracked.  While in and of itself that is not the be all end all of a computer since it wasn't blacked out or totally broken.  However, when said laptop is a touch screen it changes everything.  When a touch screen is cracked it triggers the sensors for touch.  Making the computer think you are doings things on the screen that is hard to try and override with the mouse or the keypad.  Which kinda, sorta, maybe inhibits use.

However, all was not lost as it was still under after market warranty.  Somewhere, somewhere very special I had all the paperwork for the warranty.  Somewhere.  And with lots of digging and calling Ma (as I typically send that stuff with her) and some digging on both our parts the warranty information was located.  Woo Hoo I'm getting my computer fixed!  Get the process started, they warrenty place sends me a box to ship it back in.  And computer is gone.  Not just the computer but Ma's old computer, several of the kids' tablets, cash.  Which leads to a police report, my own officer, my own detective. The works.  Felony gets thrown around a bit.  The hardest part, we know who did it but absolutely cannot prove it. 

A 'friend' offers to help try and locate the stuff.  Said 'friend' manages to find out who had purchased my laptop from someone else but wished to not get involved due to it being stolen.  Said person is willing to let it go for the price said person paid for it.  Part of the money up front to confirm the serial number.  The rest to get the computer.  'Friend' goes to confirm with person with cash.  Oddly enough when it comes time to get the computer it's not in town.  Secretly I'm trying to figure out who cash confirmed serial number with said person if it wasn't even in town?  Couple of calls to my officer and we go ahead with it.  Computer never makes it here.  With some strong arming and a few other tactics manage to get computer from 'friend'.  But only mine, which now has damage to the casing where it was attempted to be taken apart and no longer loads due to a magnet being taken to it as a simple password is apparently really great security that can't be bypassed. 

Meanwhile I could use my old computer but wait, I need parts from Ma's old computer (they were the same make/model/bought the exact same day/you get the picture/etc in order to make it functional for daily use again.  So while waiting out some investigative stuffs I'm still without computer.  And now it's basically summer.  3 seasons down without consistent online access.  I've borrowed Ma's a few times for a few days but it's never enough time to do it all.  I guess all of these excuses to say that MY computer is now on it's way to the warranty repair facility and hopefully I'll have a computer again in 7-10 days-ish.  And then maybe, just maybe, I'll slowly get caught up.  I have a ton of books to review.  Tons of blogs to write.  Tons of well just tons.  But there is an end is sight.  I'll probably never see the remaining stolen items.  I'll probably never see justice regarding the stolen items.

So, some excuses shared, a few promises made, a few minutes taken.  It will be  few more minutes before I'm back in business.  But it's minutes now. Months possibly of minutes but it's closer than it was yesterday.  I have missed being in this space.  I have missed sharing stuffs.  I have missed ya'll.  But minutes, we can make it just a few more minutes.  Right?

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