BOOK REVIEW: Fault Lines by Thomas Locke

As a security expert, Charlie Hazard is all about taking control of the situation. But when the stunning Dr. Gabriella Speciale draws him into a secret psychological project, risk parameters are shattered. Every move brings him to the edge of one fault line after another, and Charlie struggles to stay clear of a maelstrom of entangled dangers.
The research team abandons the lab on the Florida coast and flees to a mountain refuge in Italy. The battles in Charlie's mind are overtaken by real life attacks. He must grapple with the daunting realization that a conspiracy is taking hold on both internal and external levels. Can Gabriella be trusted, or is she just part of the scheme?
Leave behind your assumptions about the way the world works, and race along the unknown corridors of human consciousness in Fault Lines.

This book captured my attention in the monthly email from Revell.  Toes crossed that my request went in fast enough to capture one of the few available copies. Suspense is high on my list of personal favorite genres.  In that regard this book did not disappoint.  I have to be honest though, the description on Goodreads did not begin to describe the book I read.  The back cover however, a whole lot more interesting.

What if reality is only the edge of possibility?

There isn't much that can throw Charlie Hazard off balance. But the mystery woman with the striking eyes and the intense request to follow her--now--is about to shake his world. Knowing little more than her name, Charlie leaves his post as a guard at the Satellite Beach community center for what he thinks is just another risk-containment job. But Gabriella, an experimental psychologist, has far more in store for him than protection duty--if the two of them survive the test.

Reese Clawson relishes her work at the Combine and all the perks and power that come with it--including the ability to manipulate perceptions. But the Combine never anticipated this mind-shifting technology. If Gabriella's experiments succeed, the Combine would be destroyed. And Reese will never allow that to happen.
 I had a little bit of a struggle getting into the book. I didn't get a feel for the scene or the personalities, but before too long I realized it didn't matter.  Where it started wasn't important but where it ended was.  As the story picked up steam and rolled over me the characters made sense and came to life.  Locke did an amazing job creating and blending strong characters with well developed personalities and back stories that held them together.  Charlie is former special ops military that is dealing with his own demons and working in 'risk containment' - his words not mine.  A random request on a random night will change his path as well as the paths of so many others in ways that can't begin to make sense...until it does.  What if the power to change the entire structure of human behavior existed?  What if someone figured out how to unlock that huge area of the human brain that goes unused?  Reese Clawson and The Combine don't want the world to find out.  But can they stop it?

This book held my attention, so much so I died a little inside having to leave the last 50ish pages unread while I went to a pre-scheduled event.  I took the book with me knowing I wouldn't get a chance to read but just felt better knowing if there was 2 minutes I would make use of them.  It was too close to the end, to close to the action, it was built up and ready to release and I had an event!   Relaxing in my bubble the next day however I finished the book and am left wanting ever so much more.  How long until the followup book releases again?

Just a note.  This book, while from a Christian publishing house is not a faith based book.  It is pretty squeaky clean for a suspense thriller.  This is no language or sexual content.  Even the obligatory violence is not graphic and actually interestingly different and almost comical at times.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by Revell.  I was not compensated for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review. 

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Fault Lines

About Thomas Locke
Thomas Locke is an award-winning novelist with total worldwide sales of seven million copies.

His work has been published in twenty languages, and critical acclaim includes four Christy Awards for excellence in fiction and his 2014 induction into the Christy Hall of Fame.

Thomas divides his time between Florida and England, where he serves as Writer In Residence at Regent's Park College, Oxford University. He holds a lifelong passion for epic fantasy, science fiction and techno-thriller stories.

Thomas's screenplay adaption of EMISSARY is under development as a feature film with a British production company.

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