RECIPE: Jacked Up Potatoes

I remember growing up my aunt frequently made some hash brown and cheese something that was called Party Potatoes.  I frequently made my own version thereof with shredded potatoes instead of frozen hash browns and just did my own thing with it.  It morphed a few times over the years but really settled when I made a mistake at the store one day.  Teach me not to pay attention when grabbing sour cream from the dairy case.  I got home with sour cream and chive dip.  The rest is history.  It has replaced sour cream in all the savory dishes and replaced French Onion dip for most chip dipping as well.  It's fresh and light with flavor.  Who needs the other?  but I got sidetracked.  The reason I was buying sour cream to begin with is to make my potatoes.  I wasn't going back to the store, one trip was enough, so I just made do.  And they never tasted better.  It's comfort food, fairly easy to make, and just plain yummy in a pinch.  So, since it's a stormy day in the neighborhood and I was craving something with comfort written on it I whipped up a pan. 
Again, this is from my own personal archive (meaning never written down, never measured, just pulled from my head) so there's not real need for measuring instruments.  Just go based on your flavor choices and how many servings you want.

Frozen hash browns
Sour cream and chive dip
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Minced onions
Cheese (I prefer cheddar mixed with something a bit milder as well)

Really simple placed the frozen hash browns in just enough water to cover and boil.  I know, I know the old recipes doesn't call for this but trust me, it makes a difference in the end product.  I mix in some of the minced onion as well because well, flavor.  Meanwhile I take a bit more minced onion and the powders and mix it into the dip.  The onion softens and the flavors get started with their bonding process. 
When the potatoes boil remove from heat and drain.  Drain thoroughly as you don't want a ton of extra liquid floating around your final dish. Add to the potatoes the dip mix and cheese.  Mix thoroughly and then pop into a preheated 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes until the cheese is golden and bubbly.
Before the oven!
Once finished serve and enjoy!
Golden and Bubbly!

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