The Great American Novel

At one time or another most humans have talked about wanting to write 'The Great American Novel' or heck, anything 'great'.  I am no different.  I've toyed off and on for years with different writing starts.  Heck, I've competed in NANO for 5 years I think it is, you do lose track after a while, and have won each and every year.  Though to be fair last year wasn't an official win as I didn't have an opportunity to upload my 'body of work' into the official verifier.  I think I've written some decent stuff (or so my critics tell me) and I know I've written some great shredder food.  And I still have half-baked ideas floating in my head.  But not one single finished anything.  Nada.  Well, at least since adulthood.  I finished, what seemed at the time, a novel in Jr. High.  I was 12.  It was like 120 pages typed.  Yeah, impressive.

One of my first NANO partials was a coming of age piece titled 'Finding Galena'.  Yup, partial, never finished.  I have one friend who has sworn off reading anything else until that's finished.  So basically, I lost a critic :D

I have talked for a few years now of writing the fortune cookie novel.  I have amassed a massive quantity of fortunes from fortune cookies.  I've organized a few, does that count as starting?  I've toyed with doing it blog-style.  But that's about as far as I've gotten.

I think if there were about 12 additional hours in the day I might actually finish something.  Or in the fortune case, start something.  Heck if there were an additional 12 hours in the day I might actually blog more, Pinterest with consistency, Facebook more, pour candles more, and most importantly participate in my marketing groups more.

So...who has the 36 hour clock?

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