PRODUCT REVIEW: Dove DermaCare Scalp Pure Daily Care 2n1

So, I have the opportunity to try this new shampoo from Dove (whom I already use and LOVE) as part of a campaign with BzzAgent, which means I totally got it free.  (I'm not required to write a review but well, it's a thing I like to do.)  While I love Dove and have never really had a bad product experience with them I was a little leary of this particular product.  Don't worry, I'll explain it all.  Though there are really only two reasons.

Reason One.  I don't have dandruff per-say, which is what this particular shampoo/conditioner combo is geared toward.  I do however, have excezma on my scalp which, when it's flaring, can seem like it's dandruff.  I also have an aversion to the scent of these types of shampoos.  This shampoo though, the scent is muted.  It's still there but it's not overpowering or obnoxious like others.  The other great thing?  With other shampoos you can still smell it on your hair the next day and with this one you can't.

Reason Two.  My hair is legendary for it's NEED for conditioner.  With dry hair, lots of hair, and a texture that rivals any toddler's hair it's hard to keep it manageable.  Ninety percent of the time my hair is in some sort of up do.  If I don't I'll never get a brush/comb/pick/fingers/you name it through it.  There's enough for about 10 people and it's oh so baby fine.  And dry.  Conditioner is my hair's best friend.  I've never been able to use a 2 in 1 standalone.  I've always had to supplement with added conditioner.  With this particular shampoo I've been able to only have to supplement about every 3rd washing.  That's a minor miracle!

All in all I consider the Dove DermaCare Scalp Pure Daily Care 2n1 a success.  It's not a shampoo I'd probably use all the time as I really only have issues when my excezma is being problematic.  And while the scent is well muted it's not a scent I want to smell every single time I shampoo my hair.  Will I buy it again?  Yes.
Why yes, that is an extremely rare photo of me!

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