BOOK REVIEW: Talk of the Town by Mary Kay McComas

Poking around in the refuse center for pieces for her metal sculptures, Rosemary Wickum turns up a man--the local recycling wizard who accepts the challenge of winning her cold heart back to love.

I find that as I am reading a lot more and putting off writing review, seeing as I’m finishing books in the middle of the night when I ‘should’ be sleeping, that writing reviews is getting more difficult.  ‘Talk of the Town’ by Mary Kay McComas is not exception to this new conundrum.  It’s been a minute since I finished it and went on to other books thinking I’d write my review later.  And later became later, and later still.  But here’s what I do remember.  I liked this book.  The premise was good.  It was original and creative.  Artist using recycled refuse meets trash mogul.  He falls head over heels at first sight whereas she falls back into her daily life and routine punishing herself for a lifetime.  He goes out of his way to win her heart.  She gives in some then pushes away.  The entire small town gets involved in their interplay.  But to be fair, he helps push them all in.  

I can actually say I learned a lot about the waste industry.  So therefore I must count this title as slightly educational, for me at least, as well.  The premise was good, wait I covered that.  The writing was good.  Not over the top stellar but also not lazy and unimaginative.  My biggest issue with the story was more in line with the editing.  There were typos and grammar errors.  Also a few Kindle formatting errors.  And while I do not hold the book responsible for those errors they did affect my rating. 

Talk of the Town’ was an easy weekend read.  I bit of education wrapped into an unlikely love story.  A few fun surprises.  A lot of town ‘gossip’.  A whole lot of compassion and tenderness and love with a quirky old man and an incorrigible teenager thrown in for good measure.  I can honestly say this is a story I would more likely than not re-read.  

Talk of the Town
About Mary Kay McComas
Mary Kay McComas is an acclaimed romance novelist and the author of twenty-one short contemporary romances, seven novellas, and three novels. McComas has received numerous honors and prizes for her work, including the Washington Romance Writers' Outstanding Achievement Award and two Career Achievement Awards from Romantic Times (one for Best New Novel and another for Most Innovative Romance Series). She has recently contributed to Nora Roberts's J. D. Robb fantasy anthologies, with highly praised paranormal romance stories. McComas and her family live in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.

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