Moments of Clarity

I write a lot about being blonde.  Sometimes I worry about perpetuating the stereotype.  A large part of me identifies with the stereotypical blonde that everyone tells the jokes about.  Not because of my hair color, which has darkened with age, but because they fit who I am.  At heart I am a stereotypical blonde.  I’m slightly dingy and always good for a laugh, usually with a snort or two thrown in for good measure.  I’m slightly ditzy and not always able to articulate my thoughts when actually speaking.  I’m slightly klutzy, as in yes I have tripped over color changes in the carpet.  And fallen up the stairs, as well as the traditional down.  I don’t just have deep thought provoking thoughts, they come about in a slightly off centered way.  I can get more meaning from life out of song lyrics, children's books, and conversations with friends than by being philosophical.  That’s not to say I don’t have deep thought provoking thoughts.  I just arrive at the true meaning of things from a different direction than others.  I’m more a detour through the countryside kind of thinker.  If you have read any of my blogs you surely know that by now.

I guess I could write about being a single middle aged woman.  I’m almost crossing out of the thirty-somethings in the next year.  Wait, I’ve done that also.  I could write about existing in a plane of chaos that seems to intrigue the universe into handing out more chaos just to sit back and watch the juggling act.  Wait, I’ve done that also.  I have written about the everyday things in life and added my own personal spin to them.  I’m known for arriving at deep thought provoking thoughts through laundry, toilet paper, children and animals.  And then spinning them into something that rings more true to me than philosophy.  I’ve written about lots of things.  I’ve pondered about lots of things.  I’ve shared about lots of things.  But I always come back to blonde.

Of all the categories I fit in Blonde is the one I identify with the most.  I feel as though I fit that stereotype more than any other I also fit in.  Sometimes I wonder if I can make more impact on the way others view the world by filtering this direction.  Sometimes I wonder if my thoughts caring more meaning when filtered this way.  Holy cow the blonde say what?!?  And because it comes from the ‘blonde’ perspective it carries more weight and makes people really think about it more.  As a global society, I’ve noticed that we think for ourselves less and rely on those whom we believe to be somehow ‘better’ than us to to think for us. Or we go the polar opposite and disagree with what anyone more educated than us, having more perceived power than us, have to say because it wasn’t our idea first.   I don’t ever want to be one of those people.  I want to be someone that never stops trying to figure out the world.  I want to be someone that never stops trying to figure out other people.  I want to be someone that never lets others take my thoughts, my ideas, and my power away from me.  And if I have to approach it from the ‘blonde perspective’ to really hear myself and have others hear me then that’s what I’ll do.   

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