Why, Hello Summer

I've been encouraged/challenged by my good friend over at A Simply Enchanted Life to write a week in review post.  However a title about week in review just doesn't 'fit' for how I tend to write stuff.  I meant to sit down and write this last night but I was exhausted.  Summer has arrived here in Bolivar and I hope it sticks around while keeping the temperatures manageable.  Probably too much wishful thinking in that last sentence!

As most of you know I live in an apartment though not really a 'complex'.  There are a total of 8 apartments in two buildings.  The one I am in is actually the downstairs of the old house that was converted then added on to.  In the summer I am blessed with concrete walls which keeps my place cooler without having to run the air conditioning constantly.  In the winter I am cursed to have concrete walls as it takes so much to ever not be a block of ice.  I am blessed with amazing neighbors (except for the apartments next door as no one lives there currently but I have high hopes that whomever moves in will fit with the rest of our group.)  Yesterday the back neighbors and I met outside with all the neighborhood kids to play sidewalk chalk, ride bikes and scooters, and of course water balloons.  Summer can't arrive without some sort of water fight.

 The rules were simple...I thought.  Kids can only throw at kids.  Adults could only throw at kids.  In theory the adults were saved from getting wet.  Somehow it really didn't work that way.  The girl child and I made cupcakes and it was her first time using the mixer by herself - and she did amazing!  And then I made two of my special pizza's for everyone.  (Chicken Spinach (fresh only) Alfredo Pizza.  I realized once it was too late that I had some bacon in the freezer I could have added.  It was yummy anyway :D  I forgot to grab a picture at the time but I did get a picture of the aftermath. . .

All in all, a little bit of sunburn and total exhuastion later it was an amazing start to summer!  The week leading up to this was busy with late nights at The Day Job and some situations that will take time to figure out.  The normal running back and forth to Stockton and paperwork. . . the reason for my existence. And today I must add a shout out to my parents as they celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Love ya Ma and Pa!

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