Spring just sorta happened over the weekend.  I left the office to greenish brown grass, the jonquils green but no buds yet, the lilac bush just a bunch of sticks.  I spent the weekend organizing, trying to figure out this new computer (and still have not one positive thing to say about Windows 8), cleaning, enjoying the warm sunshine, and plotting.  Yesterday I returned to grass covered with purple clovers, buds (not yet open) on the jonquils, and leaf buds on the lilac.  And a return to the Missouri hallmark of spring, thunderstorms and rain. 

Today, April woke with the promise of pranks and practical jokes.  Thank goodness I was not 'gotten' ... yet.  The day isn't completely over.  The anticipation of spring blew in with the wind and grew with the rain.  Knowing that flowers will soon be blooming all around us.  Knowing that Easter is weeks away.  That crops and shorts and tank tops and of course flip flop season is here.

This winter was horrendous.  Personally I hibernated in the bedroom with my blankets and space heater.  Having the windows open periodically the last few weeks has been a godsend.  Let the stale out and the fresh in.  I'm ready for spring.  I'm ready to wear flip flops every day.  I'm ready for more wardrobe options.  I'm even ready for the first sunburn of the season.  I'm ready for more energy.  I'm ready to emerge from the bedroom, not just to the rest of the house but to the outside.  An outside that is welcoming.  I'm ready to put my plots and plans into action.  I'm ready!

What are you ready for?

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