Merry Christmas

Christmas.  In the stores, magazines, and commercials you see perfectly decorated designer trees surrounded by beautifully wrapped presents with ribbons Martha Stewart can show you how to make, amazing looking food, and well behaved children.  Do Not believe the magazines.  Christmas is not a commercial.  It is not airbrushed food.  And it definitely is not perfectly behaved children.  Christmas is about having a heart of awe and wonderment.  Whether Santa visits your home or you have an elf sitting on your shelf Christmas is about so much more.  Try really hard to remember your amazement as a child looking at the tree for the first time after the lights and decorations were added.  The thrill of anticipation.  For some of us it’s more difficult to remember back that far but really try.  You beat on your sister a little less.  You complained a little less.  You didn’t care if the gravy was lumpy or the turkey was dry.  Because Christmas was about more than that.  Christmas is still about more than that.   This time of year is magical.  Here in Missouri it’s cold and you always hope there will be snow.  There usually isn’t, though this year there is still ice clinging to the trees and grass.  And in the sunlight it’s magical.   Christmas isn’t about filling the malls and spending your entire paycheck.  Though the gifts are an awesome bonus!  Christmas is about love, peace, and harmony.  With each other but also with ourselves.  Love yourself.  Love your family and friends.  If the gravy is lumpy don’t sweat it, just pick around them.  Whether you took gift wrapping classes from Martha Stewart or like me it looks like a monkey wrapped the gifts, so what.  The paper gets ripped off and tossed anyway.  Wrapping is just window dressing for the real gift that is inside.  Celebrate Christmas from the heart.  Even with the difficult people, you know who I mean, try to see them with your heart.  Be content.  Try to find time to actually enjoy Christmas and soak in the magic.  Watch the lights twinkle on the tree. Sing a Christmas song just for yourself.  Sit in the floor and play a board game with someone.  Smile.  Celebrate Christmas with your heart.  From My home to yours Merry Christmas!

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